Impact! Design for Social Change

Developed in 2010, in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts, Impact! Design for Social Change includes annual one-and six-week summer intensives exploring the many roles creative professionals can play when executing socially-minded work.

The program – on par with graduate studies – is for advanced college students and creative professionals. Impact’s! focus is on social entrepreneurship and collaborative community projects, connecting students with a wide range of tools to develop meaningful social impact.

Mark Randall, Worldstudio principal, is the Chair, developing the curriculum and administering all aspects of the program.

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Impact! has attracted participants from over twenty countries.

Participants come with a different set of goals but all share in the desire to use creativity as a tool for positive social change.

At the end of the program each student gives a five-minute presentation. Joni Yamashiro, developed Papa Yama's Heart to support individuals stricken with heart disease.

Students often go on to develop the concepts incubated in the program. Mariana Riberio and Fernanda Cohen quit their marketing jobs at Brazil’s largest bank to launch Imagina na Copa. Read Mariana's story »

Through a partnership with the New York City Department of Small Business Services, Impact! students address economic and community development with local non-profit organizations.

Each year, additional programming aligned with the program is produced. Impact! Sessions is a series of free 30-minute webinars hosted by Mark Randall in conversation with business leaders, creative professionals and influencers working for social change.

Can design change the world? We think so! Here is a five minute video about the summer 2012 session of Impact! Design for Social Change.