Worldstudio developed the brand identity, packaging and e-commerce website for zakti, a company that specializes in selling fine loose leaf teas from around the world. Their teas are sourced from small, family-owned farms as well as larger plantations that have been perfecting the art of growing tea for generations.

The founders of the company are dedicated to supporting the communities where they purchase and sell tea. They focus on the principles of sustainable development: building and maintaining positive relationships; and achieving a profit that generates a fair income for themselves and the communities where they do business.

In the Sanskrit language, zakti translates to positive energy. Each leaf-shape in the zakti icon represents one of the six categories of tea the company carries.

The icon can be turned into patterns for packaging and communications. The palette also works as a color-coding system.

Worldstudio developed a cost-effective packaging system that is easy to update and print in-house as the small-batch specialty teas arrive.

Each batch of tea is labeled with the harvest date and location to help the consumer appreciate the natural variations and nuanced flavors of tea, which change from season to season and from region to region.

The e-commerce site was created so the zakti team can update the content easily. Image templates ensure consistency throughout the site.