Amway One by One

Amway is one of the largest retailers in the world, selling a variety of products primarily in the health, beauty and home care markets. Over the last ten years, Amway distributors and employees have channeled their philanthropic efforts through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children serving over 10 million children worldwide.

Working closely with Amway Corporate Citizenship, Worldstudio developed a year-long trans-media campaign implemented in over 80 global markets. The campaign was designed to encourage and support grassroots, community-based efforts as well as celebrate ten years of accomplishments. 


The visual cornerstone of the campaign was a “mosaic of millions,” drawing on photographs of Amway distributors and employees in action with the children they serve.

The campaign was divided into four phases culminating in Amway Universal Children’s Day – a global day of service on November 20, 2013.

For each quarter a comprehensive toolkit was produced complete with instructions for implementation, text, templates and resources. Images and content was available globally for on-line download.

Social media templates were created for a full range of platforms including websites, Facebook and Instagram.

A volunteer guide inspires and engages Amway distributors and employees to get involved.

Single and double-page advertising templates were created to reflect the themes of each quarter. Individual markets were responsible for translation and placement.

Advertorial templates complete with copy were produced for each quarter.

A quarterly suite of posters and banners in various sizes were created for Amway office, brand and distribution centers.

A number of simple, modular exhibition systems were developed to be easily customized and implemented locally with limited resources in a wide range of settings.

On November 20th the campaign rallied Amway distributors and employees around the world with impressive results.

Amway has now adopted the ten-year anniversary graphics as a major component of their Amway One by One brand – first reflected in a new brochure about the initiative.